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The Digital future

New ways to connect people

Our vision is to foster imagination through Metaverse 3.0, as we build concept prototypes that will power the next generation of emerging technologies. Supporting metapreneurs and young talent is a foundational part of our mission.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, a Sanskrit phrase that means “The World is a Family” (in Sanskrit), is the foundation of Life 3.0 Metaverse.

What we do

LIFE 3.0 digital experiences, created with ambition, innovation, and care.

The Life 3.0 platform will be an Extended Reality platform based on blockchain technology. The use of content and applications will allow users to create experiences and monetize them. Having full control over their creations will enable the community to own the land in Life 3.0 permanently. As you enter Life 3.0, the creation of entertainment will be at the core of its metaverse. The Life 3.0 environment will provide users with the opportunity to manage real-life tasks. In addition to working and having fun, they will be able to shop, exercise, socialize, and lead an active lifestyle. Furthermore, they may also be able to set up their own businesses, purchase land, create art, or attend concerts in a virtual world. It aims to create a lifestyle within a metaverse that is innovative and engaging. 

In order to create Life 3.0, we will be integrating a number of entertainment components, including entertainment clubs, resorts, social media platforms, gaming, dating, and NFT marketplace, along with many other developments that will enable an open world of co-creation for any individual who joins us. As part of its development of Life 3.0, Metaverse will initially concentrate on the following domains: Fashion, Entertainment, Education, E-Commerce, Retail, Wellness, Gaming, and Sports. The blockchain-based ledger of parcels will allow users to own virtual land. Property owners will have control over the content published to their territory, which will be referenced by a set of cartesian coordinates (x, y). Static 3D models can be accompanied by interactive systems, such as games.

A smart contract will allow owners of land to store non-fungible, transferable, scarce digital assets. Owners will acquire these assets by purchasing an ERC20 token known as Shulin. Besides making in-world purchases of digital goods, Shulin can also be used for in-game purchases by the communities.

In the metaverse, cryptocurrency will serve as the primary means of exchange. Life 3.0 will feature its own native token, the Shulin Coin, which will serve as the main medium of exchange. In order for the user to purchase anything, they will need Shulin Coin once they enroll. Each virtual economy requires some form of currency to operate. In virtual worlds, cryptocurrencies function as virtual currencies. With blockchain technology, transactions are virtually instantaneous, and security and trust are assured in the process. Holders of the Shulin Coin can use it to purchase real estate in Life 3.0 Metaverse by trading it on Cryptocaptrades. Until the smart contract for Digital Land 1155 NFT on ShubhiTech World & Opensea & Solana is established, apart from Bitcoin, Ethereum & Shulin no other coins will be accepted. The buyer may sell the property, or they may wait for offers to come in once the Life 3.0 NFT 1155 deeds have been prepared.

the best team

Faces Behind the Life 3.0

priyaksh garg

Director of Metaverse Partnerships and Alliances

Saksham goyal

Head of Virtual World Design

sanchit sharma

Senior Metaverse Developer/Engineer

Pradyumn mittal

Head of Community and Social Interaction
Life 3.0 will consist of 200,000 pieces of land or parcels, of which 77,120 will be designated to the Visionary reminiscence project, which will focus on creating user-specific memories. The parce (3)

Getting ready for Metaverse Generation

Land Parcels

Life 3.0 will be built on the latest blockchain technology. There will be 122,880 parcels available within various districts throughout the world in Life 3.0. The ShubhiTech World Marketplace will provide users with the opportunity to buy, sell, and rent land at any time peer-to-peer, or via OpenSea, where the digital land for Life 3.0 will be created.

Life 3.0 will be constructed in two stages:

  • In the first method, the user will be using the ShubhiTech World Builder Tool Set, which is an easy-to-use menu that requires no special skill to use.
  • Aside from Life 3.0 prefabricated sites, users can purchase prefabricated buildings and homes from outside builders who have hundreds of designs to choose from.